LTO-7 Tapes

With LTO-7, the LTO Consortium has increased the storage capacity of Ultrium tapes to 6TB native (15TB compressed). LTFS technology makes LTO tapes even more attractive for digital archiving. With LTO-7 tapes, a reliable data carrier for film scans, videos, etc. has been created, especially for the media and entertainment industry.

If you format a new LTO-7 Tape with “M8” Label in the LTO-8 drive, the storage capacity can even be increased by 50% to 9/22.5 TB.


  • Up to 15 TB capacity with compression.
  • LTO-7 supports transfer speeds of up to 300 MB/sec or 1.1 TB/hr. (native).
  • Both advanced metal particle and barium ferrite options are available for LTO-6.
  • Cassettes with color coding simplify identification in mixed media environments.
  • Very low media cost per TB – maximized storage density within the data center.
  • LTO cartridge memory in the media optimizes access times and enables advanced media monitoring.
  • Robust cartridges that reduce wear and contamination (important in automated systems).
  • Tested in extreme conditions. Many of the test procedures (e.g. load/unload, “shoeshine test”, drop test, and environmental stress test), are not mandatory for the LTO Ultrium logo.
  • Hardware-based encryption according to FIPS 140-2 Level 1

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