LTO-7 Tapes Typ M8

New LTO-7 tapes can be used in LTO-8 tape drives as LTO-7 type M8 media.

When a new blank LTO-7 tape with “M8” label is formatted in the LTO-8 library tape drive, the storage capacity increases to 9/22.5 TB.

Manufacturer no. Order no.
without label
Order no.
with label
Description Price
HPE C7977A (M8 formatted) LTO7-HP-M8 LTO-7 Ultrium M8,
9/22,5 TB
38L7302 (M8 formatted) LTO7-IBM-M8 LTO-7 Ultrium M8,
9/22,5 TB
18545 (M8 formatted) LTO7-FUJ-M8 LTO-7 Ultrium M8,
9/22,5 TB
MR-L7MQN-01 (M8 formatted) LTO7-QUA-M8 LTO-7 Ultrium M8,
9/22,5 TB
Sun Oracle / SUN / STK
MED LTO6000 (M8 formatted) LTO7-STK-M8 LTO-7 Ultrium M8,
9/22,5 TB


  • Very low media cost per TB – maximized storage density within the data center
  • LTO cartridge memory in the media optimizes access times and enables advanced media monitoring
  • Robust cassettes that reduce wear and contamination (important in automated systems)
  • Tested under extreme conditions
  • Hardware-based encryption according to FIPS 140-2 Level 1

LTO-7 Type M8 Product Information

What you need to use LTO-7 as LTO-7 type M8:

  • an LTO-8 library tape drive configured to recognize the “M8” barcode
  • previously unused LTO-7 media
  • a barcode label with identifier M8
  • format this media as LTO-7 type M8 and you have a native capacity of 9 TB!

Please note that

  • external LTO-8 tape drives, single drives / stand-alone drives cannot initialize LTO-7 type M8 cartridges, but have the ability to read and write them, if the cartridge was previously initialized in a library as type M8.
  • support for library products depends on the library vendor

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LTO transfer rates

If an LTO-7 cartridge initialized as type M is identified, the “TYPE M” flag must be used. Please refer to the following instructions from
Type M Denomination Guidelines

Instructions for using FUJIFILM LTO-7 Type M8 Cartridge

  • An LTO-7 Type M8 cartridge provides up to 9 TB of native capacity on an LTO-7 cartridge, instead of 6 TB as specified in the LTO-7 specification. Up to 22.5 TB can be achieved by the 2.5 : 1 compression of the data
    (depending on the type of data to be archived).
  • A new, unused LTO-7 cartridge bearing an “M8” barcode label can be initialized as “LTO-7 type M8”.
    Even if the cartridges otherwise look identical. The ‘M8’ barcode means that new LTO-7 cartridge can be used as LTO-7 type M8 under the following circumstances.


  • Neue LTO-7 Cartridge können nur dann von einem LTO-8 Laufwerk als LTO-7 Typ M8 initialisiert werden, wenn das Laufwerk für die Erkennung des ,M8′ Barcodes konfiguriert wurde.
  • Check with your LTO-8 hardware supplier if Type M8 is supported before using the cartridge (a firmware upgrade might be necessary).
  • External LTO-8 drives cannot initialize LTO-7 type M8 cartridges, but have the ability to read and write them (if the cartridge was previously initialized in a library as type M8).
  • LTO-7 devices cannot initialize or read LTO-7 type M8 cartridge.
  • LTO-7 type M8 cartridge have the usual LTO features like encryption, partition, LTFS
    and data compression.
  • Once an LTO-7 cartridge has been initialized as LTO-7 type M8, it is not reversible.
    Please do not apply an ‘M8’ barcode label to an LTO-7 cartridge that was previously in use in an LTO-7 drive; it can no longer be initialized as type M8, even in an LTO-8 drive.
  • LTO-7 type M8 cartridges are not compatible with LTO-9 drives and libraries.

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