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Since some backward compatibility must be ensured, the LTO cartridge itself cannot be enlarged, which in turn limits the tape length inside the enclosure. One way to increase capacity is to reduce the size of the particles.

LTO (Linear Tape Open), is a specification for ½-inch magnetic tapes and the corresponding tape drives. It was developed by IBM, HP and Seagate/Quantum as a joint project. LTO uses half-inch metal particle (MP) tape technology and single reel with optimized track layout to offer a range of storage capacities up to an impressive 30 TB with LTO-8. The LTO cartridges use the latest data compression technology for fast data protection with excellent cost-effectiveness. LTO provides a ultra-fast data transfer rate (max. 360/900 MB/s (FH-Drive) with LTO-8). This powerful format can handle over a million passes and store valuable data for 30 years. Lifetime warranty. For more information, visit

Ultrium tape technology is designed for superior reliability, best-in-class performance and lowest cost per GB. The Ultrium format is based on the best existing technologies; open standards enable more innovation and offer customers more choice in performance, capacity and form factor. For more information and to order, visit

Linear Tape File System (LTFS) lets you use your familiar user interface in Windows, Linux, or on the Mac to access, manage, and share files, so you can use your LTO-5 or LTO-6 tape drives as easily as hard drives.

The SUN T10000 Tape is the latest Oracle / Sun StorageTek tape drive and cartridge product line for mainframe systems. The first model, which is now known as the T10000A has a native capacity of 500 GB and a native transfer rate of 120 MB/s. You can find more information here.

Coercivity is the resistance of the particles to a change in position. Higher coercivity is necessary for higher capacity tapes because the magnetic forces between the increasingly densely packed bits increase, causing their individual signal strength to become weak and blurred. BaFe and similar compounds are oxides and therefore less susceptible to the demagnetization that can occur between closely spaced particles. This ensures that not only is the data stored with a low and reliable error rate, but also that once it is recorded, it is stored exactly as it was captured.

BaFe media has better magnetic properties compared to MP media, resulting in better signal-to-noise ratio and bit error rate.

This will play a role from LTO-7 onwards, but is currently not relevant for LTO-6. Tests by HP found no discernible difference between MP and BaFe.

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Tape drives change the arrangement of particles (MP or BaFe) in patterns corresponding to computer bytes. In simple terms, the number of particles indicates how much data can actually be stored on a tape drive. The more particles you can change, the more bytes can be stored. This is called areal density.

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Future LTO Ultrium generations will be manufactured exclusively based on the new barium ferrite technology. In BaFe media, magnetic particles float in a substrate just as in MP tapes, but the BaFe particles are smaller than the metal particles in MP tapes. This means that BaFe particles have better magnetic properties, the importance of which increases with the areal density – and thus the capacitance – of the media.

BarcodeLabel by drive technologies: LTO, 3592, T10000, DLT / S-DLT, S-AIT, 3480/3490 3580/3590 9840/9940, 4mm/8mm, MO / UDO / Optical Disk, 3570 Magstar MP. Now on sale: BarcodeLabels for LTO-8 tapes are available from us! You can find more information here.

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Yes, the HotLoks are designed to be a universal fit.

Yes, these are available in light gray, but only as a 1U variant and without temperature strips.

These achieve a density of approx. 99% for smaller surfaces.

The most flexible solution is achieved with the Plenafill mats.

The most flexible solution is achieved with the HotLok systems.

1 x 50 pack of clips is enough for 2-3 27U mats (fixed at 3U intervals).