LTO-8 Tapes

With LTO-8, another stage in the LTO roadmap has been reached, the 8th of currently planned 12 generations. Capacity has been increased to 12 TB native (30 TB compressed). The data throughput is max. 360/900 MB/s (FH-Drive).

LTO-8 drives are one generation backward compatible to LTO-7.
If you format a new LTO-7 Tape with “M8” Label in the LTO-8 drive, the “normal” storage capacity of the LTO-7 tape can be increased by 50% to 9/22.5 TB.


  • Cassettes with color coding simplify identification in mixed media environments.
  • Very low media cost per TB – maximized storage density within the data center.
  • LTO cartridge memory in the media optimizes access times and enables advanced media monitoring.
  • Robust cartridges that reduce wear and contamination (important in automated systems).
  • Tested in extreme conditions. Many of the test procedures (e.g. load/unload, “shoeshine test”, drop test, and environmental stress test), are not mandatory for the LTO Ultrium logo.
  • Hardware-based encryption according to FIPS 140-2 Level 1