LTFS – Linear Tape FileSystem

LTFS – The tape that behaves like a hard disk drive

“By combining an HP LTO tape library with LTFS and DNA EvolutionTM software, the entire archiving process can be easily automated. 100 percent of the elements of each episode are archived on LTO tape both offline and online. This is the most efficient and cost-effective archiving solution we have ever used.”

Will Pisnieski, Vice President Post Production, Authentic Entertainment

Easy access:

LTFS allows you to use the Windows, Linux, or Mac interface you are familiar with to access, manage, and share files. When a tape or library is mounted, the files and directories contained on it appear on My Computer in the same way as the directory listing of a hard disk in Windows or
Mac OS X.

Fast access:

LTFS turns tapes into a giant USB stick and allows drag-and-drop sharing of data across platforms.
No software lock-in. LTFS-written LTO-5 and LTO-6 media are “self-explanatory,” so data recovery from tape is independent of hardware or software platforms.

Enhanced Data Mobility:

Tapes written with LTFS are easier to share between users working on different operating systems, with different software, and in different locations. Sending LTFS tapes by courier is far faster and cheaper than using WAN networks or the cloud.