Airflow management

Our airflow management products help to cleanly separate cold and warm airflows in the data center or rack. The capacity of existing cooling units is increased by containing airflow losses, and energy costs are reduced.

The optimized environment improves the reliability of your IT equipment and ensures a longer hardware life. In the raised floor, the static pressure is increased, thus increasing the cold air throughput of floor grids and perforated plates.

In/on the raised floor

Thanks to the raised floor technology, the cavity in the IT room remains accessible at all times, as each individual element can be removed and reinserted. Thus, the raised floor offers the greatest possible flexibility for maintenance and change of use.

Our product portfolio

In rack

SwitchAir allows you to direct the airflow in the rack to your hardware. Blanking panels help optimize airflow by sealing off free height units.

Our product portfolio

In the aisle/room

Cold aisle/hot aisle containment according to your requirements, also for grown data centers with different rack heights, aisle lengths, rack gaps etc.

From enclosures for individual racks to aisles with aisle lengths exceeding 1,500 m, we will find the right solution for you. Reliable, specialized personnel accompany your project from consulting, planning, manufacturing and installation to maintenance and conversion work.

Many possibilities:

  • Integrated IT enclosure
  • Room-in-room
  • One row solution
  • Flexible bulkheads
  • Vertical bulkhead
  • Mobile enclosure
  • Freestanding IT enclosure
  • Hanging IT enclosure
  • Stack concept
  • Safety areas / cage elements
  • Lighting
  • Cable management above or in the rack row
  • Tower with integrated mezzanine for up to 96 U
  • (Divided) swinging or sliding doors, curtain solutions
  • Air duct

In addition to individual solutions, we also have the common products of our manufacturers for you in our portfolio.

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