Tape erasure / destruction

Final data erasure is an important aspect of IT security

Up to 20 percent of a company’s data, is considered by legislation to be so important that it must be retained and accessible for at least 10 years. This percentage will increase by a third by 2011. When PCs or other storage devices are retired or were leased, final data erasure of mission-critical data is essential.

Companies that specifically use data erasure software thus secure themselves against unauthorized access to their data by third parties if the computer was leased, sold or is to be decommissioned.

What companies need to keep in mind:

  • Sensitive data and information are stored everywhere on numerous media and devices, not just on the computers and servers in the company itself.
  • Mobile devices, laptops, virtual infrastructures, USB sticks, archive tapes, memory cards can also all contain critical corporate data

For what reasons is final data deletion recommended?

  • The entire know-how of a company is usually located on hard disks.
  • If company-sensitive information falls into the wrong hands, it can jeopardize the good reputation and public image of the entire company and cause major financial damage.
  • Simply deleting files does not mean that the data is gone from the hard drive forever.
  • Legal regulations for the protection of privacy require companies to protect internal data as well as its documented final deletion.