Tape analysis

Simple, fast and meaningful analysis of LTO media

The DC Analyzer is a simple tool to check the status of the disk of all LTO generations. The data carrier is simply placed on the DC analyzer to scan the RFID chip and barcode label. If there is no label on the data carrier, it is also possible to enter any numbers by hand instead of the barcode.

After completion of this process, you will immediately receive information about the current status. You will also get a clear message about what to do in case of problems, as well as some recommendations and warnings not only for the disk, but also for the drive or system. Each operation is stored in a media pool.

In addition, the DC analyzer provides important information and statistics about the lifetime of the data carrier, charging processes and the write and read error rate. All information is easy to understand due to the innovatively programmed software. In the event that a cleaning cassette is placed on the DC analyzer, the software recognizes the cleaning processes still possible and the serial number of the cleaning tape.

How does the DC-Analyzer work?

An RFID chip is implemented in every LTO data carrier. This RFID chip contains information from the last four loads from the drive. At the same time, the barcode is scanned and recorded. The DC analyzer has the ability to evaluate and analyze the essential data and put it into a logical form. Individual results, statistical, trend information and historical data are provided.


  • Simple, fast and meaningful on-site analysis
  • Software easy to install on PC
  • For monitoring backup media, drives or systems
  • Immediate information in plain text
  • Disk life management
  • After registration, updates free of charge