Cartridge label service

Time-consuming, laborious labeling is part of the daily routine for many highly qualified IT specialists. But it’s not part of their actual job. Therefore, we offer both the high quality data cartridges and the corresponding label service according to the customer’s requirements. This enables the use of the required tapes without any time delay.

The number range

The number range for your barcode labels is defined individually by you.

Please see LTO Barcode Label examples for numeric and alphanumeric codes.
as well as the color background. We also offer a barcode label order form.

Example: LTO-8 Data-Label, horizontal, Identifier: L8, colored, 6 digits

Guidelines for the code

Barcode 39 (3 of 9) is used for barcode labels.

EDP Label Service Warranty

EDP labeled media are covered by the EDP Label Service Warranty and come with quality stickers now!

With this sticker EDP guarantees:

  • Only original manufacturer tapes (no gray imports)
  • Certified barcode label (All libraries from all library manufacturers)
  • Properly labeled (applied 100% legibly)
  • Properly stored (temperature: 18-22°C; humidity: 30-40%).