Tape Restore (Data Recovery)

We offer data recovery services for every case:

All causes of data loss – from simple logical errors to the most complex cases – incl. Viruses, natural disasters, accidental deletion, system errors, corrupt files, hardware failure and damage. All media, types and models – data recovery from hard drives, RAID systems, laptops, MP3 players, desktops, servers, tapes and backups, digital cameras, PDAs, and all file types …

We successfully handle all types of database systems, incl. those that have been developed specifically for your company.

Restore Services

The processing of a data recovery is now even faster and easier for you.

  • The medium will be picked up free of charge at the desired address
  • After only a few hours you will receive the free analysis*
  • This brings full transparency for your customers, as they only decide afterwards whether they want to order data recovery
  • We also offer advanced smartphone, tablet and SSD data recovery solutions

* Free analysis for single HDD & SSD in only 4 h; smartphone, tablet, server: in 24 h

Data recovery

Data recovery is our core competence.
Whether it is data loss from USB sticks, smartphones, hard drives (SSD/HDD) or complex RAID, server or virtual systems. Our experts are the right contact for you and offer customized solutions.

  • Data deletion verification service
  • On-site services

Data deletion

Secure and permanent data erasure is an important part of IT security – for companies and private users. With our data erasure solutions, you can be sure that sensitive data will not fall into the wrong hands.

  • Data deletion verification service
  • On-site services

Tape services

Do you have damaged or corrupted tapes in your archive? Or do you simply want to know what data is stored in your tape archives? No problem for our tape specialists. We also handle very large quantities of maget belts. We read out the data and restore it if necessary.

We recover from the following tape media:

  • LTO, DLT, SuperDLT
  • AIT, QIC 1/2″, Open Reel
  • Cartridges, Mini data catridge, SLR
  • and more

Email data recovery

We offer services and software solutions to recover lost, damaged or accidentally deleted emails, folders or entire email servers.


Our experts have years of experience in ediscovery and work closely with the client. Depending on the project and requirements, customers decide which review tool they want to work with or whether they prefer the mobile solution.

Data deletion verification service

Is your data erasure method also 100% reliable?
If you are not sure, send us your deleted hard drive(s) for verification. Our experts verify that all data has really been removed safely. Extend the offer for your customers with this erasure verification service – for absolute data security.

Types of data loss