Tape copying

Our software tools allow off-line duplication of your backup. Your backup tapes are copied and verified independently of your life system.

Special utilities and systems can be used to duplicate mission-critical data sets without impacting business operations, or to make multiple copies for data distribution purposes.

If you want to create a second copy of your data files using conventional backup applications, you usually have no choice but to repeat the backup process.

This can cause problems because system performance is degraded and making the extra copy often has to be done during business hours when a lot of the important files are in use. Your magnetic tapes can be copied independently of the systems currently running and the suitability of the copy can be checked using a recovery process.

  • Protect your data with multiple copies
  • Duplication independent of your live system
  • Access to the data from different locations
  • for preservation of evidence of data relevant to the court