MediCool – air conditioned medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinet with side air conditioner, two drawers and with variable shelves

Our pharmacy cabinets/vertical drawer cabinets have proven themselves for more than 40 years. Our Kloss Original cabinet by EDP with climate control technology for the safe storage of temperature-sensitive medications is another component of our range.

Product advantages of the MediCool

  • space-saving thanks to small footprint
  • available in two sizes
    External dimensions (HxWxD) total
    1.870 x 612 x 680 mm + Pentair T 142 mm 754 mm
    1.870 x 832 x 680 mm + Pentair T 142 mm 974 mm
    Total depth with full extension pulled out 1,302 mm + handle 32 mm
  • high load capacity per extension of 110 kg
  • Noise level 66 dB
  • solid steel construction
  • clearly arranged – each side of the 2 full-extension runners with ball-bearing telescopic runners is clearly visible and easily accessible
  • 5-year warranty on the telescopic drawer slides
  • Practical anti-tilt device due to lower support rollers for each pull-out unit
  • secured – central lock with two keys
  • with 22 shelves, 20 of which are slotted and all adjustable in height by 15 mm each, with 50 mm high edges, with 40 cross dividers
    Dimensions (HxWxD):
    • 50 x 248 x 595, inner width 235 mm
    • 50 x 358 x 595, inner width 345 mm
  • max. load per shelf with evenly distributed load: 35 kg
  • high-quality stove enamelling with extensive color selection
  • easy to clean and hygienic

Pentair brand side cooling unit SpectraCool

  • Air conditioning technology: optimum temperature regulation
  • Temperature setting range between 20°C – 55°C
  • External dimensions (HxWxD): 550 x 280 x 142 mm
  • Cooling capacity 300 watts / voltage 230 V (50/60 Hz)
  • High energy efficiency, low operating costs
  • easy handling due to user-friendly control with display
  • low maintenance

The following table shows different sound events and the corresponding decibel value:

sound eventdB
quiet breathing10
light wind, whisper30
speech volume60
vacuum cleaner70
car engine from short distance90
headphones turned up loud95
circular saw, loud music system100
chain saw120
jet aircraft from short distance140