Amulet Hotkey Zero clients

For remote desktop environments, Amulet Hotkey Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients are used as highly secure and stateless endpoints.

By moving the workstations to a data center, corporate data can be effectively protected because no data is transferred between the workstation and the zero client, only encrypted display pixels.
This means that critical company data always remains in the data center.

Since the zero clients have no x86 processor, no hard disk, no local memory, and no local GPU, the attack surface for cybercrime is significantly reduced.

Areas of application:

  • Virtual desktops
  • Cloud Managed Desktops
  • Remote Physical / Virtual Workstations

With the ability to display resolutions of up to 3440 x 1440, the zero clients are suitable for both simple office workstations and high-performance 3D applications.

  • Excellent performance, fast image build-up and short response times thanks to powerful PCoIP hardware decoding with Teradici chip
  • Easy comfortable management with Teradici Management Console (free of charge from Teradici up to 100 Zero Clients)
  • No OS, browser or driver required
  • No client-side patch or anti-virus management
  • Hardware USB Port Lockdown
  • Extremely secure due to AES-256 encrypted pixel transmission
  • No local storage of application data, data remains in the data center
Amulet Hotkey DXZ4
Amulet Hotkey DXZ4 Rückseite

DXZ4 Quad Display for up to 4x 1920×1200 or 2x 2560×1600 screen resolution

Why Amulet Hotkey DXZ Zero Clients for VMware Horizon View



  • Hardened Linux or Windows Embedded OS
  • Multi-protocol capable (PCoIP and other protocols)
  • Limitations regarding browser and remote access client software
  • Low performance
25 MPPS Transfer rate
  • No OS
  • No storage of local data
  • High desktop agility and fast screen buildup
  • Hardware USB Port Lockdown
  • Highest achievable performance under VMware Horizon View
50 MPPS Transfer rate

*MPPS = Mega pixels per second pixel transfers to the screen

DXZ Zero Clients to VMware Horizon View Desktops Connection Scheme

Connection scheme DXZ Zero Clients to remote workstations

Connection scheme DXZ Zero Clients Remote