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PDUs – Power Distribution Units

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What is a Power Distribution Unit (PDU)?

In the power architecture of your data center, the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is one of the most basic components, along with the UPS. Meanwhile, the functions of the devices extend far beyond simply distributing power to the end device.

PDUs have the task of distributing power to individual devices in the rack.

Simple PDUs have only a power supply and sockets. In addition, sensors, LEDs and a data transmission option (usually via SNMP) can also be installed.

Intelligent functions of PDUs

However, there are also active or intelligent PDUs that can perform functions beyond power distribution. In this way, active PDUs can be integrated and addressed in the data center infrastructure management by means of an IP address.

In addition, individual cans can be controlled separately and can also be switched on and off in bundles depending on rules.

Measured values such as voltage, consumption and the current power consumption can also be determined and retrieved by the PDU.