IT Container Solutions

EDP IT container solutions offer you a range of benefits, and not just as a fallback solution while, for example, the stationary data center is being converted. For example, a mobile data center can start productive operation at short notice after the order is placed, since no building permit is required for a container.

EDP will be happy to show you the advantages of a modern, mobile data center. All of the systems, such as air conditioning, fire protection, electrical systems, video surveillance and security technology, can be accommodated in a standardized ISO container.

EDP Modular Data Center

Success Story

EDP IT container EI90 for Siemens Mobility AG, Wallisellen/Zurich

Siemens Mobility AG, based in Wallisellen/Zurich, has been a leader in seamless, sustainable, reliable and safe transportation solutions for more than 100 years. The company’s core businesses are rail vehicles, rail automation and electrification solutions, and intelligent road transport technology. The portfolio also includes turnkey systems and related services.

The challenge

The premises of the existing Siemens Mobility AG data center had to make way for another use. However, the planned new building will not be completed for another 4-5 years. Therefore, an interim solution was needed that nevertheless promises full functionality. The container solution was the perfect choice for this.

The solution

The container used is mobile, weatherproof and provides 90 minutes of resistance to fire. The container contains a complete data center with extinguishing system, UPS, air conditioning system, electrical distribution, monitoring systems and space for four racks.

EDP IT security container, fire protection class EI90, water protection IP56

  • Size: 3.20 m x 6.00 m x 3.20 m high (W x L x H), area 19 sqm, weight 8,000 kg
  • One entrance door
  • Raised floor
  • Electrical distribution with power cabling
  • UPS system 60 kVA online continuous converter
  • Air conditioning system Green-IT InRow for cold water
  • 4 server racks 1,000 mm x 600 mm x 2,050 mm (D x W x H)
  • Novec 3M gas extinguishing system
  • Server room monitoring with camera and detectors
  • Alarm forwarding
  • Access control with facial recognition
  • System warranty
  • Premium support with immediate response, 24/7/365 accessibility

Project history

The initial request from Siemens Mobility AG was made in May 2021. After an initial cost estimate, the final bid was submitted in July 2021 and the contract was awarded in August 2021.

This was followed by delivery and placement of the container in November 2021. The container had to be placed in an existing factory building, which posed a certain challenge due to the structure of the building.

After successful installation, the container could be put into operation in December 2021. Thus, it took just seven months from the inquiry to the commissioning.

Conclusions and outlook

With the mobile data center container from EDP, the perfect solution was finally found for the temporary needs of Siemens Mobility AG. This means that a fully functional data center is now available until the new data center building is completed.

A room-in-room solution is being sought in the planned new data center building. The container is then to be put to another use, such as a backup data center.