IT room in room system

As complete room constructions, room-in-room solutions protect the hardware inside against all physical damage effects that may occur. Server room planning includes the integration of comprehensive protection measures against:

  • Fire
  • Extinguishing water
  • Fire smoke gases
  • Water damage
  • Construction moisture
  • Dust
  • Debris loads
  • electromagnetic disturbances
  • Theft
  • Sabotage
  • Overheating
  • System failure

We integrate the size and equipment you need into an existing building during our planning. The innovative room-in-room system has also proven itself in old buildings.

The server rooms room in room

  • can be equipped with extensive accessories such as air conditioning, fire detection, extinguishing gas systems, UPS systems, access control and much more.
  • can be delivered from 9m² to any size (size and equipment result from the number of server cabinets in the server room planning).
  • are modular, fire-resistant, flue gas-tight, extinguishing water-tight, sound-insulating
    and debris load-absorbing containment areas.
  • are installed individually in an existing building according to customer requirements.

The room is built by our design team including all coordinated safety components. The room-in-room solution is handed over to you turnkey, including documentation and training.

In addition to the server room planning and the implemented overall solution, we provide a multi-year warranty including a maintenance agreement.

Room in room construction

Installation example of a room-in-room system with increased fire load (IT security cell) in a new company building.

In order to build a server room according to the state of the art, we provide you with the individual planning taking into account the following:

  • own EI90/F90 fire compartment with smoke density (floor, wall, ceiling)
  • Sound insulation of the floor, walls and ceiling at least 33dB
  • U(K) value 0.31 W/m²K of the floor, walls and ceiling
  • fireproof room construction IP56 from all sides
  • N50 value maximum 0.5 when using a fire prevention system through oxygen reduction
  • EI90 fire door with a DIN 18095-1 smoke protection 4-sided circumferential frame, opening in escape direction, self-closing, optionally with electric safety lock, panic hardware, min. 850mm wide, standard height
  • S90 cable bulkheads
  • K90 fire dampers with electric actuator, normally closed in all supply and exhaust openings
  • antistatic, dissipative raised floor or floor covering
  • Electrical supply line
  • Space for two external air conditioning units
  • Condensate water connection near the server room, maximum 5m away
  • dust free room construction
  • Load capacity according to the server room equipment supplier