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19 inch network cabinet

The 19-inch rack design is standardized internationally according to IEC standard 297 and in Germany according to DIN 41494. 19 inches correspond to 482.6 mm. The standardization makes it possible to install all devices without any problems.

Details 19 inch network cabinet

Typically, a 19 inch rack is 600 mm or 800 mm wide and 600 mm, 800 mm or 1000 mm deep. But we also offer racks in additional dimensions. Inside the cabinet you will find profile rails for placing your hardware.

The height of the hardware to be installed is measured in height units (U) and is also standardized. One height unit is 44.45 mm.

A typical 19-inch rack has a height of 42 U (approx. 2 meters), although racks up to 47 U are also possible.

Network cabinet with perforated doors or glass doors?

If you use network devices that emit a lot of heat, it is recommended to use a rack with perforated doors. The perforated doors ensure ideal heat dissipation. A glass door, in turn, offers the advantage of better noise insulation.

However, there is a suitable rack for every application. No matter if soundproofed (acoustic racks), air-conditioned (air-conditioned racks) or if you have other requirements.