Media safes – optimized data carrier security

Model S13

S – Perfect fire safety

Tested fire safety (S 120 DIS according to EN 1047-I)

The novel combination of insulating materials provides maximum resistance in the event of a disaster. A four-sided circumferential labyrinth fire fold provides additional protection against direct flame penetration into the interior of the safe. Compact design maximizes capacity and reduces safe weight by 40% to 60%. This data safe gives reliable protection against fires, corrosive fire gases and the effects of extinguishing water.

SE – Twice as safe

Tested fire safety ( S 120 DIS according to EN 1047-I) and certified burglary protection (resistance grade II)

Thanks to its intelligent design, this safe generation equally covers the risk factors of burglary and fire. With this combination safe, the highest level of disaster protection and outstanding burglar resistance are brought to the strongest common denominator.

Model SE 14

Both safes are equipped as standard with quick lock and double-bit security lock (DSS) with 8 tumblers
and 2 keys.

Technical data S11 SE11 S12 SE12 S13 SE13 S14 SE14 S15 SE13
Grade S120 DIS
Dimensions outside in mm
Height 732 1052 1295 1850
Width 786 1195
Depth* 918
Case depth without door 770
Dimensions inside in mm
Height 332 652 895 1450
Width 444 855
Depth* 470
*  The protruding fittings increase the external dimension in depth by 85 mm.
Liter 71 139 191 310 590
Levels 2 5 7 11
LTO **
per layer
56 112
LTO **
112 280 392 616 1.232
** LTO tapes in cases
(approx. kg)
288 320 380 460 445 543 631 785 922 1150

Special finishes and RAL colors on request

Media safes – detail views

S 13 inner compartment

Pull-out panel