Barcode labels with RFID-technology

RFID technology

Never before has media security been as critical as it is today.
In addition to securely storing and restoring critical corporate data, storing and especially tracking media is of paramount importance. The right medium must be stored in the right place and, if necessary for legal reasons, must also be documented.

The proven RFID technology that provides inventory control for many successful companies worldwide is now available for the tape library. In a special label, the RFID technology is combined with the barcode label, which are securely affixed to each data carrier.

The barcode label with integrated RFID technology enables the UHF readers to quickly read any data carrier with 100% reliability.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technology

An integrated circuit with a passive RFID chip and a customized antenna for extended range.

Barcode label

Combined barcode, color and serial number for unlimited flexibility

Advanced UHF (ultra high frequency) technology

For increased range and 100% accuracy

Mobile, portable scanner

With proprietary software, the portable reader is ideal for library controls and storing daily media movements, both within the data center and externally.